Saturday, November 3, 2012

Procedural Galaxy

The reason i was not posting much over here is that i got busy coding my galaxy generator those who looked at my youtube channel already know this 
 These two picture have been generated by forcing my occtre to generate all stars in levels 0 to 3 and render them over sized this shows only O,B,A classes stars but allow us to see the shape of the galaxy.
These pictures should contain about 10 50 thoushand stars.
 And this is what a typical star sky would look like in my galaxy.
  Of course nebulae and other objects are not yet implemented i hoped i would finish my cloud rendering system but it's eating much more time then i expected so i'm posting these a head of time keep in mind that these sytems are not ready.
I experimented a bit with planetary rings i just have to implement a better rendering technique from close and individual asteroids generations.

I also experimented with clouds but here again my volumetric cloud renderer is not yet ready. and irrlicht is just painfull when rendering multiple transparent object stacked.

I also Updated my star rendering algorythm to be based on the black body glowing color depending on the temperature.
I found this guys blog explaining the idea
And here is the gradient table i converted to a texture for color lookup.
Some more pictures from my planet renderer.

Here i tryed accentuating the sunset effect on my cloud layer.
These are from my galaxy renderer and the blue sphere represent sysmply a 50 LY radius delimitation.

And now the videos Please watch them in hd 1080p.

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