Sunday, January 30, 2011


Just look at the video 

Now that it's done you understand why I wan one of these i started the project to build one a bit of time ago already
Using one of these micro controller as brain
The rest of the part came from this site (if you wanna do the same avoid ordering part that are back ordered they seem to never come by or being reimbursed)

All I'm missing is a frame to get started.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Past projects

I had a couple of project in the past that led to different stage of result.

 I found the files of one of these a mod project for a game SOASE sadly the project felt in deep hibernation due to the lack of graphic artist most of the stuff we had where gifts from 3d artists that had spare time and what i could assemble.

This one is the eternal vigilance High Guard scout vessel

This on is the XMC heavy cruiser flag ship  of the High Guard

and a quick edit of the gui i had time to do
I still hope to one day be able to bring this project back to life if a 3d artist ever join the effort.

Quick update

Today I've been searching to enhance the quality of the renderer I currently use.
Sadly irrlicht is not really friendly with much if anything that is not already built in so the water shader code i could find some time ago entered in conflict with the shadow shader code. the issue is still a little beyond my comprehension. For now i must contempt my self of a improved detail texture and some tweaking to the noise algorithm.

here are 2 screen shots
 i also took the time to diminish a little issue with the water shade that caused the reflexion to stop very close but even them my code is not perfect and we still can see where it stop 
 my next stop will be tryin to get the noise to warp around a sphere without issue  then  ill attack getting a sphere height mapped in irrlicht


I had this project in mind for a long time partly because of the recent game that are way over limited with small maps that just put me off. (In some case the map is just a tunnel wich you are forced to to along and kill X amount of monster on the way)

I was also inspired by a couple of games that push in the same way like the following ones are these that inspired me.
This is just a remake of the original Elite game but still it's way better then most game we get these days.
This one is certainly the most impressive project i've seen take a look its worth it.

3d Stuf finally goin on

It finally began!

I've had a such project in mind for a long time really a LONG LONG time

However I was lacking both the knowledge and tools to do it.

Even the though it could be done the way i wanna do it aka without having to depend to heavily on a 3d artist. That would just lead to a mental break down due to the work load.

So here we are i began the work on a procedural planetary generator using the perlin noise algorithm so the planet can be auto-generated without having to require a 3d artist to build the whole planet (yeah avoiding the poor guy a mental break down and potentially avoiding a se terabyte of planetary data on your hard drive)

For now I use irrlicht and most of my work is some copy paste from work found over the code spinet area of the irrlicht forum. With some heavy modification to suite my needs and it gave back result. But for now I'm focusing on how to build efficiently a sphere that could be heightmapped and tessellated.
 (you guessed the irrlicht engine was not originally built like that the addSphereSceneNode() function does not intend being treated like that so i have to build it from scratch)

I stumbled over several tutorial how ever many of them a written in some matemagician language i cant understand when i finally found one i could get my head around i also found out my math skills are a bit farther in my memory then i would a liked them to so i guess i will have to get my head around math back. That will be a nice and annoying goal to accomplish.
If you are a little fast you likely also guessed that where i started to fail in math yes it was over the SIN COS and TAN thing so that make the goal a lot more thrilling.

here are some screen shots from the current noise generator:

 this is the first picture using an previous pre-release test  for 2d generated land scape

the current version
 so when i get the thing to work on a sphere with a LOD ill have a interesting planetary generator