Thursday, July 14, 2011


this was a test temperature in last december

and this is the result after the mod in the middle of july with a slightly higher usage

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alienware M17-r1 Customized back cover

Some time ago a guy over at the NotebookReview forum had an idea to improve the cooling on the alienware M17

so the idea is to improve the size of the air intake and the airflow across the laptop so i though about it that way if i put somting directly over the fan and a hudge air intake just beside it.

so we start with this

And this is the fan positionings

so the idea is to build something like that

the work begin with this mesh

and use a cuting tool in my case a dremel 4000 with a flex shaft and the metal cutting wheel

now cut the shape in the mesh

after that cut the shape of the air intake in the back pannel

once done assemble both part and ajust the mesh to be sure it fit with mounting holes and other stuf then glue all part together and enjoy