Friday, December 16, 2016

Nebula Rendering

I'm still tweaking the nebula rendering while it does look good the performance is somewhat lacking

viewed from the side of a world

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Unauthorized upgrade Surface pro edition

A while ago I acquired a surface pro 1 on launch day and everything was nice and good the Surface pro is a wonderful piece of hardware very powerful for its size.
Then bad luck hit I accidently exploded one of the kick stand hinge. I was already out of warranty and I could hardly see myself calling Microsoft and telling them it was standing on a desk and the kick stand exploded I have no idea what happened.

By the way the Surface support is incredible while I was covered I got two exchange for my tablet one because a firmware upgrade bricked the thing in the very early days and another because the keyboard connector stopped working again all those exchanges happened very early on, the whole exchange process was 3 days and shipping was covered.

But now I’m there with a broken kick stand hinge and no warranty so I go to eBay to find the parts ... no luck the surface 1 the surface pro 1 the surface 2 and the surface pro 2 all use different hinges and no one really seem to know what those of the surface pro 1 really look like so I take to myself to find out and disassemble the thing using the Ifixit guide.

I find out not even the hinges labeled as Surface pro 1 matches mines but I do find some that seem to screw the same on the kick stand but their casing is different. They were labeled as Surface 1

Turns out you can disassemble them so I took them apart and replaced the broken part.
So all is fine and good I have a working surface pro at least for a time. Those devices are not made to be opened I had to get into mine using a heat gun so a couple months later the motherboard failed and I’m again looking how to revive the hardware and I’m now a couple years out of warranty. Inspecting my surface and the available parts on ebay and find out the Surface pro 1 and pro 2 motherboards are strangely similar.

Pro 1 Motherboard on top Green Pro2 Motherboard on Bottom blue
Not only they look the same but they are exchangeable.

Boom voila Surface pro 1 upgraded.

For nearly a year I had a working Surface pro 2 but in the end entropy won and the touch display gave up probably due to some damage I did when opening the device.